CU Turiba


The Latvian Central Co-operation Union Turiba is a voluntary union of consumers' and other co-operative societies, and it is a legal successor of the Central Union Turiba set up in 1937. The name Turiba in English means "the prosperity".

CU Turiba again became a member of the International Co-operative Alliance in 1991.

CU Turiba comprises more than 2,000 enterprises of retail trade and public catering in all districts of Latvia. Three companies are engaged in the wholesale trade of foodstuffs and manufactured goods. The commercial enterprises of CU Turiba render services to the rural areas of Latvia including the inhabitants of towns.

CU Turiba runs its own production. There are about 30 food plants and integrated works engaged in processing vegetables, fruit and berries cultivated in Latvia, in producing different sausages and smoked meat, milk sweets, as well as articles from wood, metal and ceramics. Especially important is the bread baking branch - CU Turiba bakeries and bread baking plants produce more than 30% of the total output of bread produced in Latvia.

Besides these, CU Turiba has four fur farms specialised in breeding the fur-bearing animals.

According to the latest inventory there are about 250,000 shareholders and 13,000 employees. The total turnover for 1996 is about US$200,000,000.

CU Turiba is interested in the export of its own and other Latvian products, in the import of various equipment, in investment for the development of its own production and wholesale trade.

14 Terbatas Str, Riga, LV 1011, Latvia. Tel +371 7 281510. Fax +371 7 213070. Fax NMT +371 9 348 125

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