OGUZBANK's Highlights

J.S.C.I.B. OGUZBANK is one of the 10 largest banks in the Republic of Moldova with total assets of 61 mln. Lei and the leader in banking business in the Moldovian South Gagauz Region. It is the only bank in Moldova which offers daily services and is the first in republic to have introduced International Accounting Standards. The bank operates in a technological "client- server" environment. Its main shareholders are agricultural, trade, construction groups and individuals. The bank provides a complete range of banking and other financial services to corporations and individuals through its core businesses: securities, credit cards, corporate banking, retail banking, financial market operations, leasing, trust and investment services.

Contact persons:

Peter Papadia
Chief of Foreign Economic Relations Dept.
Tel/Fax: (3732) 24-91-00

Muzichico Tatiana
Chief Accountant of Foreign Economic Relations Dept.
Tel. (3732) 24-98-40

Topal Tatiana
Specialist in Foreign Operations
Tel. (3732) 24-90-31

Mail: 24/1 Toma-Chiorba str., Kishinev; Moldova, Fax/tel (3732) 24-91-00, 24-98-40;

Oguzbank: A reliable and stable banking institution