The European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign was launched following the First European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns which took place in Aalborg, Denmark, in May 1994, in the course of which the Aalborg Charter was adopted.

The objective of the Campaign is to promote development towards sustainability at the local level through Local Agenda 21 processes, by strengthening partnership among all actors in the local community as well as interauthority co-operation.

The Campaign activities are supported by European Commission DG XI (Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection).

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), representing around 100,000 local and regional authorities through its pan-European network of National Associations is an active partner of this Campaign. As a part of its contribution to promoting the Campaign's goals, CEMR launched the European Sustainable City Award in 1996 and 1997.

European Sustainable City Award 1999

Following the very positive response to this award in 1996 and 1997, the CEMR launches a new call for applications for applications for the European Sustainable City Award 1999.

The application form is available hereunder:

  • Introduction

  • Information

  • Questionnaire

European Sustainable City Award 1997

European Commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard DG XI (Environment Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection) presented the second European Sustainable City Award 1997 on 24 November 1997 in Brussels Town Hall to the mayors/vice-mayors of three European Cities:

  • Municipality of Calvià, Spain;
  • City of Heidelberg, Germany;
  • City of Stockholm, Sweden.

The municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, received a Special Distinction for Central and Eastern Europe, and 13 other cities were awarded with Certificates of Distinction.

Approximately 100 cities and towns participated in the European Sustainable City Award 1997, and again the award proved to be a successful tool for encouraging cities, towns and regions in Europe to 'Go Sustainable'.

In addition to the Awards and the Special Distinction for Central and Eastern Europe, the following cities and tows received Certificates fo Distinction in 1997:

  • Ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux (F);
  • Municipality of Dordrecht (NL);
  • Câmara Municipal de Portimâo (P);
  • London Borough of Merton (UK);
  • Municipality of Linz (A);
  • Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council (UK);
  • Municipality of Neo Psychico (GR);
  • Municipality of Silkeborg (DK);
  • City of Lahti (SF);
  • Stadt Hamm (D);
  • Ville d'Orléans (F);
  • Malaga City Council (E);
  • Ville de Viladecans (E).

The Local Agenda 21 Basic Guide

This publication explains in a clear, short and comprehensive way what Local Agenda 21 is about and the basic steps towards starting the process of implementation. This guide aims to put LA 21 on the political agenda of all local authorities in Europe and was prepared by the CEMR Network of LA 21 National Coordinators as part of its contribution to the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign.


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